Twisted Fabric Roses Tutorial

So this week I decide to show you how to make these pretty fabric rose clips.



hot glue gun


alligator hair clips

green felt


 1. Rip the fabric into strips,if it is too hard to rip,cutting a little slit will make it easier.

2. Twist the fabric, do not, I repeat do not, try to twist more than you can hold. Take the twisted strips and roll the fabric, while ever so often putting a spot of glue and rolling the fabric on top. If it gets to messy with the glue, you can simply use the other side. Keep on twisting, rolling and gluing, until you get to the end of the strip, and when you do, glue down what needs to be so it looks normal.

 3. Then, cut out a leaf from the felt. Glue the leaf onto the metal prong clips first (on whichever side you please, I made the mistake of putting the leaves on the side where you push down), only then do you put on the rose.

 Now, step back and look at your little creation. Don’t panic! If it looks too rugged that is okay,it will look cuter and more vintage.

Now here’s our little creation!

-Katie Ann Huy

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