Just One Little Flower – Poem

Here is a longer that anticipated post and poem about my experience in Alaska on a mission trip last week.

It was a cool, crisp morning and I couldn’t wait to get to the park and see the kids! But first, our team was set to a long, steep hike.

That morning my heart was heavy with thoughts; good and bad. I walked through the forest, up the large hill. The birch trees towered above me and my hair glimmered from the sun. My eyes faced forward in deep contemplation. I walked until suddenly, I was stopped in my tracks. In the midst of the forest overflowing with green wildlife, something caught my eye.

Hidden in the clover, surrounded by other bushes and plants was just one little flower. One little flower, all alone, but surrounded by others. I stooped down and snapped a picture of this unique flower. Silently, I stood up and continued to hike down the winding trail. I walked with new thoughts and a new perspective.

Just one little flower. Alone, but not alone. Alone, but surrounded by others. I love that flower. I know that flower. As I met a young girl that week who is very  much like that flower, my heart broke. I love that girl. I know that girl. I have felt the agony, I have felt the pain. I have felt my cheeks sting with tears as I cry out, “My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?” The cry is a desperate cry, the cry is a sorrowful cry, the cry is a lonely cry. The cry is real. But in my heart I know my lord has not left me. I know he has not forgotten me. I know he has not forsaken me.  But I cry out still, “My God! My Lord! I am alone and helpless!” I ask why my heart is broken. Why my spirit is hopeless. Why my soul is lonely. In anger I cry, in grief I weep. But my heart and soul cannot deny that my God is a God who is faithful. My God is a God who is sustaining. My God is a God who is loyal. I cry because I do not understand. I feel alone while I am surrounded. I feel unloved among loving people.  I, as well as that little girl are that one little flower. All alone and different but still in a great big forest full of other plants. I may never understand any of this, but I do know, we may feel lonely, but we are NEVER alone.

One Little Flower

In the middle of everything,

In the midst of nothing.

Where life is not fair,

And trust is everything.

Just one little flower.


All alone,

Yet surrounded still.

Through the great unknown,

And winter chill.

Just one little flower.


In the grim reality,

Of this life.

The sense of fatality,

The constant strife.

Just one little flower.


One little flower,

Don’t you cry.

Evil can only devour,

If we don’t try.


One little flower,

Oh, so lonely.

Don’t be so dour,

Remember HIM only.


When your spirit is heartless,

And the sky looks dim.

Don’t lose focus,

Lean on Him.


There is light in this darkness,

Strength in the sorrow.

Hope for the hopeless,

The promise of tomorrow.


The one little flower,

There always is and will be,

One hidden in the clover,

Where no one can see.


Forever loved,

But feels unknown.

May get shoved,

But never alone.

Just one little flower.
-Katie Ann Huy


Throwback Thursday..er..Friday

I scrolled through my post drafts. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Suddenly something caught my eye. 5/30/13. That’s today one years ago. I maneuvered my cursor and clicked on the link. A picture of trees showed up along with a the title: “Fullerton Path.”  I forgot I ever wrote that post. So here is a throwback thursday…er..friday! (Technically it is okay since the 30th was a Thursday last year.)


I have some thoughts on our church moving to Fullerton and moving back to orange county. I am so excited to move back home but also scared. Will I miss my old life more if I’m near my old house, my old church? God has brought us on this long journey, now why bring us home? He has led us this far, now why turn around? I thought Claremont was home but is it really not? I had been praying on this subject for awhile and I have found some answers.
I might miss my old friends and old life, but I will get over it. God did bring us all this way, but I feel like Claremont was like training, like God was prepping us for bigger things. He did led us this far, but were not turning around. We are just taking a new step of this journey; another path.
But in the end, no matter where we go or what path we take, it is all For His Glory.

Funny to see how far I have come and how far our church has come. I remember how confused I felt at that time and how God helped me to overcome it.

Thanks for reading!

– Katie Ann Huy

Latest Word Art


I’ve taken to word art lately. Especially watercolors! Thinking about selling them, but I’m not sure yet. I am going to try and sell them my next boutique and see how they do.


I love this courage quote SO much! I had seen it so many times, and really wanted to make something with it.


Experimenting with different paper types.


I’m not too happy with the flowers, but I like how the writing turned out.


I drew hands!!!


I LOVE George Eliot! She is AMAZING! So naturally, I had to find a quote from her. But I was too scared to draw hands…..


Feathers are SO fun to draw! I felt very free and calm when I painted this. I used NO outline, which is very unlike me. Of course, I outlined some after.

I like how the little flower buds turned out. :-)

I like how the little flower buds turned out. :-)


Something is wrong about this. Can’t put my finger on it though…

So that’s what I have been up to lately. Thanks for reading!


-Katie Ann Huy



Facing your Fears

A couple posts back, I wrote about my artistic fears. First it was drawing faces, and I overcame that. Now, it’s hands. Eeek, they are so hard! But I was feeling ambitious, and I tried… Here are the results:


Crazy! I know! Hands were still scary after I drew that. So a few weeks later, I tried again.


The fingers on the left kinda bother me, but it’s still improvement! So now I know, even though it’s scary, as an artist you should try.

What are your artistic fears?

-Katie Ann Huy

Meant to Be


Meant to Be
Thoughts are meant for thinking
Songs are meant for singing.
Books are meant to read,
Leaders are meant to lead.

Music is meant to be played,
Things meant to be made.
Stories meant to be told,
Teachers meant to scold.

Writers meant to write,
Fighters meant to fight.

Everything has a place,
In this great big space.
So now, my darling, you see,
That you were meant to be.

-Katie Ann Huy

I know this seems like just a simple poem, but it has so much meaning to it. This short, shallow poem, is so deep when you hear the story behind it.
Learning to be myself is a lot harder than it used to be. I’m trying to be strong, and I’m trying to do what is right. I’m trying to hold on to my beliefs and convictions. I’m trying hard to stay to myself. It’s not easy, and it’s not fun. I just want to give up.
But I want to be different.
I want to be a different highschooler. I want to be a different teenager. I want to be a different homeschooler. I want to be a different pastor’s daughter.I want to be a different christian. I want to be a different follower. I want to be a different girl.
I always have. I remember watching people at church go from junior high, to high school, and into life. I remember they all did the same things; made the same mistakes.
“I want to be different.” I remember saying as a ten year old.
My ambitions haven’t changed, my goals haven’t changed, my convictions haven’t changed. What is the difference now?
I’m challenged.
He puts me to the test. “Do you really believe this? Do you really want this? Is this really what you feel is right?” He asks me. “Yes.” “Then prove it.”

“God does what it takes to get you on your knees. If it means breaking your legs, he’ll do so.” -My Journal

When you think you have it together, God tears it apart. When you feel good, and you’ve made yourself  fit in, He ruins it. Why? Because we are not called to live like others. Because as Christians we are not called to be comfortable.

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.  If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:18-19

We are not promised an easy life. In fact, we are promised the exact opposite. God has called us into a life that is vigorous, a life that is hard, a life that is disgraced in this world, a life that is not fun. But in that life we have serenity, we have joy, we have peace, we have strength.

“We are more than conquerors through Christ. We have overcome this world, this life. We will not bow to sin or by shame, we are defiant in his name!”

-Rend Collective (More than Conquerors)

We have what no other life has. We have something different.
Though being different is hard, and makes you feel obsolete, it’s all His will.
While being different feels awkward and I just want to give in, I know God has bigger plans for me. I know God has given me a place, and though I feel like I don’t get to have any fun, I know that He is in control and I’m part of something greater. While doing what every typical teenage girl does sounds fun, when I try it, I hate it. I know it’s not my place. Everyday I have to remind myself as I start move my bangs to cover my blemishes. “Don’t hide.” I say and pin them back.
God loves for who we are. We are meant to be stupid, we are meant to be annoying, we are meant to make mistakes, we are meant to be weird. We all have a place. We are meant to be.

-Katie Ann Huy

Fair Willow Maiden- A poem

Fair Willow Maiden
Amongst the willow trees she walked,
Under the gleaming leaves she stalked.
In the wind, the wispy leaves blew,
In the the warm summer breeze, they gently flew.
Strolling beneath the drooping branches,
In peaceful silence she observed their graceful dances.
The setting sun saw the maiden so fair,
And he shone upon her golden hair.
She closed her eyes, then turned to me,
When she opened, there was not much to see.
She blinked, but she did not wince,
And my pride is grateful ever since.
Her ruby lips parted, and she smiled at me.
She stood there beneath the willow tree.
She was exquisite, with eyes so bright,
But then she faded into blinding light.
I sat up, for I had awaken,
I sighed, then said goodbye to the fair willow maiden.
-Katie Ann Huy

Just a little poetry for you! There is not much of a story behind this piece. I suddenly thought of the first two lines and went from there. Writing it was fun and peaceful. I enjoyed writing something softer for a change, and more gentle, simple poems will be coming soon.

Fair Willow Maiden Poem_edited.jpg2

Thanks for reading!
-Katie Ann Huy

Working on it

A few posts back, I was working on drawing people and my first attempts were not so pretty. I finally got one good enough to post, and posted it. After days of staring at that painting, I decided I hated it. So I practiced, and I tried over and over again. In my last post I mentioned how time consuming art is. Finally, I came up with this.


TA DAH! I painted it, but my black watercolor turned out too grey so I’m gonna have to figure out how to fix it. But I’m really happy how this turned out! I finally got shading better, and the features are better proportioned. Do you have any ideas what I should name it? Hope you like my drawing! Bye……..WAIT…THERE’S MORE!


I drew another one! The second one involved a LOT of shading! My finger tips are black! I don’t have a name for this one either. Both of these drawings were from a picture. For the first drawing I used this, and for the second drawing I used this. Neither of them turned out like the photograph, but I still like them!

Hope you like my drawings! If you have any name ideas I would love to hear them!(Please note that if you give me a name, I will probably steal it!)

-Katie Ann Huy