Fair Willow Maiden- A poem

Fair Willow Maiden
Amongst the willow trees she walked,
Under the gleaming leaves she stalked.
In the wind, the wispy leaves blew,
In the the warm summer breeze, they gently flew.
Strolling beneath the drooping branches,
In peaceful silence she observed their graceful dances.
The setting sun saw the maiden so fair,
And he shone upon her golden hair.
She closed her eyes, then turned to me,
When she opened, there was not much to see.
She blinked, but she did not wince,
And my pride is grateful ever since.
Her ruby lips parted, and she smiled at me.
She stood there beneath the willow tree.
She was exquisite, with eyes so bright,
But then she faded into blinding light.
I sat up, for I had awaken,
I sighed, then said goodbye to the fair willow maiden.
-Katie Ann Huy

Just a little poetry for you! There is not much of a story behind this piece. I suddenly thought of the first two lines and went from there. Writing it was fun and peaceful. I enjoyed writing something softer for a change, and more gentle, simple poems will be coming soon.

Fair Willow Maiden Poem_edited.jpg2

Thanks for reading!
-Katie Ann Huy

Working on it

A few posts back, I was working on drawing people and my first attempts were not so pretty. I finally got one good enough to post, and posted it. After days of staring at that painting, I decided I hated it. So I practiced, and I tried over and over again. In my last post I mentioned how time consuming art is. Finally, I came up with this.


TA DAH! I painted it,¬†but my black watercolor turned out too grey so I’m gonna have to figure out how to fix it. But I’m really happy how this turned out! I finally got shading better, and the features are better proportioned. Do you have any ideas what I should name it? Hope you like my drawing! Bye……..WAIT…THERE’S MORE!


I drew another one! The second one involved a LOT of shading! My finger tips are black! I don’t have a name for this one either. Both of these drawings were from a picture. For the first drawing I used this, and for the second drawing I used this. Neither of them turned out like the photograph, but I still like them!

Hope you like my drawings! If you have any name ideas I would love to hear them!(Please note that if you give me a name, I will probably steal it!)

-Katie Ann Huy

February Drawing Challenge:: Day 9-11


This is day nine’s drawing challenge! Something I want. I saw this dress on pinterest a while ago and loved it! But I forgot to pin it and now I can’t find it! So I had to draw from memory. This one was really fun to draw!


Day ten’s challenge! Scenery! I loved drawing this one and I like doing the shading.


Day eleven’s challenge! Favorite candy! Reese’s! I love them! The chocolate and peanut butter! But I’m not so sure it’s real peanut butter!

I didn’t slack on my challenge! I did my drawing everyday, but I forgot to post them. So you guys get drawings from 3 days! How did your challenges go?
Thanks for reading!

-Katie Ann Huy

February Drawing Challenge:: Day 8


Day eight! Happy Saturday everybody! Today’s drawing challenge is to draw something you need. I need new drawing pencils! I need to buy a dozen of them and stop losing them! This drawing is not my best, and I can’t even draw a straight line!

How did your challenge go?

Thanks for reading!

-Katie Ann Huy

February Drawing Challenge:: Day 5


Day five of the February drawing challenge! Today’s challenge was to draw a book character. The book must not have a movie or a good picture of the character. Pay close attention to the description of your character to draw him/her. I choose Dorothea, from a book called “Middlemarch.” The book had a detailed description of Dorothea lying on a sofa, with her head in her hand, gazing at the steaks of sunshine coming through the curtains. I had a lot of fun drawing this one!

How did your picture go? Was it difficult to create an image of a character?
Thanks for reading!

-Katie Ann Huy